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“In just 72 hours we develop high performance teams to tackle your business’s key challenges.” – John Peck, Tiger Teams CEO



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High performing teams

Experience shows Tiger Teams transformation programmes catalyse sustained team development. Participants arrive as a group of individuals and return as a dynamic team, ready to spearhead swift, significant change. Decades on, their team bonds endure, they cherish positive memories and are able to apply their learning to new teams they form or become part of.

“Our employee engagement score was already pretty high but it certainly went up significantly once we introduced the Tiger Teams programme. It even became a kind of staff retention tool as it became obvious that we didn’t just pay lip-service to making improvements” Nick Mitchell, VP UK&I, Celonis

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Transforming Leaders

We believe leadership is forged in challenge. Our programmes push beyond comfort, igniting courage and unlocking leadership potential. Whether scaling peaks, navigating challenging terrain, or overcoming limiting beliefs, our guides lead a journey of discovery and growth. Back in their work environment, participants reap rewards of honed leadership skills.

‘The payback for me personally as a leader was amazing because it meant I created my teams very quickly. Those teams ere really strong teams afterwards. It was quite remarkable. I haven’t done many things where the bonding was as effective.” Jonathan Boyers, Business Leader

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Resilience Building

Our approach blends nature’s restorative power with proven resilience techniques. Engaging in hiking, meditating by waterfalls, or reflecting under stars, you will build the strength to face life’s challenges. Our participants gain enhanced problem-solving skills, deeper self-awareness and strengthened mental health from this outdoor resilience-building programme.

“I credit the programme with unleashing potential in every individual who attended. My team described training environment as unique and safe for dialogue and idea generation. It’s empowering for employees at all levels, and their resilience endured years after programme ended.” – Peter Swift, Director

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A tiger team is a team of specialists assembled to work on a specific goal or to solve a particular problem. Our Tiger Team experts are drawn from the fields of sports psychology, extreme adventure and business to offer you a rapid, rigorous approach guaranteed to ignite your team and equip them to take on the market challenges. They know what it is like to lead teams under pressure through situations where critical decisions can make the difference between success or failure, and sometimes their very survival.

We use our C-level expertise and extreme adventure experience to accelerate and amplify your business success.

Our Success Stories

Reflections from participants


Case Studies

Tiger Teams Achieves Rapid Team Success

Background: Jonathan Boyers, a business leader and senior manager at a global Corporate Consultancy faced the challenge of assembling a new sales team from existing cross-functional members of staff at various levels in the business. There was limited sales experience within the new team and a no clear alignment around strategy. Complicating matters further, the […]

Tiger Teams Develops Strong Leaders

Background: Celonis SE is a German data processing company that offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to improve business processes. It is headquartered in Munich, Germany and New York, United States. In 2021, Tiger Teams was asked to support the Nick Mitchell, Vice President & Country Manager UK&I. The Situation:  Joining Celonis as its new VP UK&I during […]

Tiger Teams Secures Phenomenal ROI

Background:  A struggling company facing financial challenges and a negative culture decided to invest in a transformative leadership training programme to change its trajectory.   The Situation:  Twelve individuals from various departments and levels within the company were sent to participate in a programme that aimed to reshape the company’s culture and boost overall performance. […]