John Peck first tasted the thrill of adventure at the age of 21 on a British Army expedition when he climbed Mount Popocatépetl, a volcano in Mexico. From the moment he stood on the summit, looking down into the crater, he was hooked.

His adventures since then can only be described as eclectic. They have taken him to the top of unclimbed Himalayan peaks, the frozen Arctic ice of the North Pole, the heat of the Sahara Desert, and across the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat. Yet John is not an exceptional climber, nor runner, rower, or sailor. In fact, his first experience at sea ended up in one of the most famous RNLI rescues of the 20th century. What he is, is passionate about adventure, and that secret knowledge that only comes when your resilience and resourcefulness are tested to the limit.

Following his first book Restless, which described John’s many and varied adventures, he has tracked the pathway that runs from the earliest seed of an idea to completion of a successful full-blown adventure.

The ‘Seven Cs to success’ – with its foreword from Sir Chris Bonington – is for anyone who has ever wondered if they have what it takes to do the seemingly impossible.

And what about you?

Are you on track on your pathway to success? Could this be the book for you to help you achieve what for you right now seems like a very tough challenge?

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