We understand high performance teams

Clients choose Tiger Teams when more traditional approaches simply won't cut it. We are experienced consultants with a track record for taking on extraordinary challenges and succeeding, in sport and business.

Each of us has survived danger and undertaken some of the world's toughest expeditions. It is our ability to bring the learning back with us and apply it to the workplace in a way that transforms thinking that makes us unique.

We put adventure back into the business

The experience of senior professionals and adventurers working alongside your people will inspire your team and ignite within your work culture the spirit of adventure.

Tiger Teams CEO John Peck has a lifetime of leadership experience during which time he has also rowed oceans, scaled mountains, raced
across the dessert and survived the jungle...
Professor Lew Hardy is one of the world's leading sport psychologists and former advisor to the British Olympic Association, working closely with
many of the nation's top athletes...
Steve Marshall is a consultant and former RAF Pilot who works with leaders and teams in complex and uncertain situations. An expert facilitator
and coach, his approach is informed by dialogue...
Jerry LeFevre has facilitated team building and performance improvement events with RBS, Accenture, HP, BP and McKinsey and is an
experienced expedition leader...


"This was a challenging experience, which I've been continuously replaying in my mind since returning from the event. It has given me a lot to think about and has already changed my behaviour particularly in regard to generating fee opportunities for the team of which I now feel I'm an integral part. A personally and professionally enhancing experience, which I highly recommend." KPMG Enterprise Partners
"I've come back to work, Inspired, Motivated and with more self belief then I could ever have imagined, life is there for the taking and I am going for it."
"Your strategies for success are very realistic and practical in the current economic climate. I have been to many talks about business success and must say that yours was the most inspirational." Steve Garcia-Luengo, Director, Mako Marketing