High Performance Teams

Clients enlist us when they are serious about creating change. We build action teams or we work to fast forward existing teams to deliver on your specific goals.

Our process is informed by sports psychology and extreme adventure, underpinned with the science of proven diagnostics. We have built high performance teams for blue chip banking and IT organisations as well as entrepreneurial companies and venture capitalists in UK and the US.

Building your team

We help you put together the team to tackle a business critical mission, whether new product development, entering new markets or finally solving the issue that has been holding the business back. From helping identify the talent for your team, to building a dynamic and focused unit, we measure our work on team outcomes.


Re-energise your team

If your existing team is losing their way, professional coaching will kick-start the action and regain the focus. Our specialist team of experienced coaches and mentors come in, review the strategy and introduce new tactics and skills to get your team on track.

I have been back to work a week, and I have had a mountain of work to deal with but I can honestly say I still feel on a MASSIVE HIGH. I cannot thank you and your team from Tiger Teams enough for bringing out the best in me and the team. You are an amazing person and that amazing weekend will stick with me for a very long time. Damian Philip  -  datafuel

"A really memorable two day journey, both physically and mentally, that created real unity in the group and laid a great foundation for kick-starting a new KPMG initiative."  KPMG Enterprise Partners
"My self-belief and confidence have increased way beyond my expectations. The impact of this upon my work, and most other aspects of my life was immediate. I am calmer, more considered in my responses and much more focused."
"Massive impact, I was challenged and achieved a lot of things I may have seen as impossible before."
"I became aware that I have the ability to lead and it is just the fear of failure that holds me back."