Leading Tigers Beyond

Tiger leaders don't enjoy normal. The word 'impossible' does not appear in their dictionary. They thrive on challenge and change, and have endless energy, drive and resilience to see their goals to fruition.

Their natural enthusiasm and reputation for making the impossible happen in all aspects of their life makes them a magnet to follow. They make work an adventure that people find energising and rewarding.

They are the ones that hold up the rallying flag in times of difficulty.

Budding tiger leaders can be not the easiest people to manage. They have been described as a 'high-powered rocket without fins.' We work with them on our Tiger Leader Programmes to help get some of those fins in place and to get them focussed so that they can lead teams with courage a clear focus into places that would terrify other people.

Are your leaders 'tiger leaders'? Why not send them to us for a top up of tiger energy.

If you want to become a fully-fledged tiger leader you will need to be able to demonstrate some exceptional leadership skills that are not normally seen in action. Why not come on our 'Leading Tigers Development Programme' and tone up your leadership skills. Come and find out how to lead tigers to places that others fear to go - not an easy task, but great when you get it right.


Tiger Stretch Programme

Are you attracted by the thought of an exciting adventure or a deckchair in the park? Do you have the skills to survive and thrive in adversity or do you struggle right now when the going gets tough? If it is time now for you to step up a gear and stretch to new levels of challenge, you will need strong personal resilience to sustain you though the journey. The tiger stretch programme will give you just what you need right now to make the tiger leap you are waiting for.


Tiger Team Development Programme

You can spot a real tiger team when they walk through the door. There is something about them that is awesome. They send a tingle down your spine. They are 'tight' and massively focussed. They think as a team, move together as one and can turn on a sixpence if they choose to.

They work hard and play hard and have a zest for taking on seemingly impossible challenges. They have an uncanny knack for quickly finding innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

Tiger teams go to places and achieve targets that others dare not reach. They are highly focussed and energised by taking on 'the impossible'. We work with teams to give them the tolls and the mindset to achieve elite performance.

If you lead a tiger team or your team aspire to be one, why not come and spend some time together with us and fire up that tiger energy in your tank. If you have a team who have the courage and the energy to work in this space, come and try the tools out for yourselves.

Tiger Turnaround - Igniting Tiger Energy

How do you get a whole organisation fired up with a real zest for adventure about the place? A place where people are excited about waking up in the morning and going to work?

Is there a real 'can do' attitude about the place with a real determination to succeed whatever the state of the market? Are your people clearly focussed and all pulling entirely in the right direction?

How can you get people to feel safe enough to stretch out in to uncharted territory and go for the big targets that seem impossible?

How can you get that invigorating buzz of tiger energy about the place and bring a real sense of fun and adventure back into the workplace? This is the space tiger teams thrive in.

We will work with you at a strategic level and help you change the way people think about their work in ways that will energise and excite them.

Imagine if the whole organization felt as excited and energised as you do with the same desire to take on the challenges of the market and win every time. This is the space we work in.

If you are up for a refresh, let's explore ways in which we can help you make this happen?


Tiger Turnaround Consultancy

When all the proverbial low hanging fruit has gone and no more easy solutions seem to be available, exceptional measures are necessary. We will provide for you the WD40 that will unleash that creative energy of the people within your organisation. Believe me. They have the answers - all they need are the right questions. This is where we can help you.


Tiger Team Stress Busters Programmes

Have your teams taken a bit of a battering in recent months? Are they looking a bit weary, washed up and wondering 'what's next'? Is it time to reinvigorate them and give them a chance to regroup, re-focus and find a new way forward?

Are you starting to lose people who are finding the constant bombardment of change more than they can manage? Is performance starting to suffer.

Even tigers get tired sometimes and need time to refresh and get their energy back. If they are to rally around the flag, is it clear what that flag is or where they are heading for? Do they have the energy to set off again into the fray or does it feel a bit like the 'bridge too far' for them?

Maybe it is time to take time out as a team and recharge the batteries and get some of that tiger energy powering back into the team again. Why not bring your team on one of our stress buster events and find new ways of working smarter and not harder. We will send you back refreshed and reinvigorated, charged up for the challenges ahead.

"This was a challenging experience, which I've been continuously replaying in my mind since returning from the event. It has given me a lot to think about and has already changed my behaviour particularly in regard to generating fee opportunities for the team of which I now feel I'm an integral part. A personally and professionally enhancing experience, which I highly recommend." KPMG Enterprise Partners
"I've come back to work, Inspired, Motivated and with more self belief then I could ever have imagined, life is there for the taking and I am going for it."
"Your strategies for success are very realistic and practical in the current economic climate. I have been to many talks about business success and must say that yours was the most inspirational." Steve Garcia-Luengo, Director, Mako Marketing