John Peck
Tiger Teams CEO John Peck has a lifetime of leadership experience during which time he has also rowed oceans, scaled mountains, raced across the desert and survived
the jungle, notching up world firsts...and being captured by BBC cameras along the way.

John likens the stresses of expeditions and elite sports with the pressures people face in business. He helps them retain confidence, courage, vision and energy in the face of challenges, and to achieve the things they never thought possible.

A notable leader, John's early career was as a Divisional Commander in London's Metropolitan Police where he led his officers into action to deal with riots during volatile times and successfully brokered peace in a community dominated by gangs.

For 15 years he has worked with the senior management of large corporations in the UK and the US, specialising in team and executive coaching and change management.

Adventure highlights
Rowing London-Paris in a whaler rowing boat (World Record). Rowed across the Atlantic.
Climbed the Matterhorn.
Malaysian jungle expedition leader of student expedition. Marathon Des Sables - 7 day/ 151 mile marathon race across the Sahara Dessert

Expedition News
John plans to return and climb again the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland this September...Read More

Lew Hardy
Professor of Health and Human Performance, Bangor University.

Lew Hardy is one of the world's leading sport psychologists and is currently Professor of Health and
Human Performance at Bangor University. For 12 years he was head psychologist to the British Olympic Association, working closely with many of the nation's top athletes.

A qualified UIAGM international mountain guide for almost 25 years, Lew has led clients on expeditions to the Alps, the Himalayas, and the Andes. His personal expedition highlights include first ascents in Britain, France, and the Himalayas.
Steve Marshall
Consultant, former RAF Fighter Pilot For almost a decade Steve Marshall has been working with leaders and teams in complex and uncertain situations. An
expert facilitator and coach, his approach is informed by dialogue, reflective practice, visual techniques and conversational interventions. Steve is increasingly asked to design system interventions for organisation wide strategic change and to kick-start teams.

It was as an RAF pilot that Steve became fascinated by leadership and the decision-making process in complex and dynamic environments.
Jerry LeFevre
Experienced Expedition Leader, Social Anthropologist.

Jerry has facilitated team building and performance improvement events with RBS, Accenture, HP, BP and
McKinsey.  An experienced Expedition Leader, he has led trips for Explore, KE Adventure and Wild Frontiers through Mali, Morocco, Cuba & NWFP Pakistan and epic Mountain Bike trips across Central Asia.

Jerry has an MA in Social Anthropology with Development and has undertaken field research in Tibet and in the Karakorum Mountains. His interest in what makes individuals and teams work effectively has drawn him to studying Applied Emotional Intelligence as well as taking his training to a deeper level by participating on The Human Element programme developed by Will Shutz.

"Be prepared for anything and don't give up!"
"Be prepared to live outside your 'comfort zone' for several days."
"Immerse yourself fully in all aspects of the experience."
"Being thrown in to it and succeeding and learning in a safe, encouraging and slightly crazy environment was exhilarating, stretching, positive. It really helped me to further explore taking on a leadership role..."