Team Diagnostics:
Are you happy that your team is performing to its full potential?

Just like when we take our car in for an MOT or visit the GP for a check up, sometimes it is not a bad idea to get a check up and see how the team are doing. If you are leading a high performance team why not try out our new on line team diagnostic questionnaire and see how ‘team fit’ you are. The cost is kept to a minimum for you but the results could be really useful. Drop us an email We will get you set up for a confidential team check up and come and see you with the results.

On Top of the World

Many of you will have been watching the trials of James Cracknell and Ben Fogle in the ‘On thin Ice’ programme documenting their race to the South Pole. Not surprisingly, the race organisers are being inundated with enquiries about future events.

Polar trekking must be a natural challenge for triathletes to try their hand at. Many of you are probably fascinated by the thought of what it would be like to take on those extreme conditions and experience the thrill and beauty of the Arctic. Well – the opportunity could be closer than you think?

John Peck - a seasoned adventurer & leader of from Executive Stretch Ltd.– has taken on many similar challenges – the notorious Marathon des Sables – billed as ‘the toughest footrace on earth’; a successful rowing of the Atlantic and a number of unclimbed peaks around the world.

In May next year, John will be working with Polar Challenge to take a small, carefully selected team of executives on a unique trek to the 1996 location of the Magnetic North Pole and beyond.

The environmental and physical challenges will be extreme. Temperatures drop as low as - 50C and it is home to 80% of the world's Polar Bears. More people have stood on top of Everest than have set foot in this wilderness. The team will fly in and land on the ice about 100 kilometres from their destination. Their task will be to ski across this harsh but beautiful environment hauling all their supplies for at least 7 days.

All applicants receive full Arctic training. They will learn how to avoid the hazards of frostbite; how to navigate their way through blizzards and avoid being eaten by hungry polar bears.

They will have a few things in common:

• A fascination to see the polar wilderness before it disappears.
• A powerful motivation to put themselves to the test in one of the
   toughest challenges imaginable
• The courage to invest a sizeable sum of money in themselves to prove
   what they are really worth.

If you think you are up to the challenge and want to put yourself forward for selection, contact John at  or phone 01992 81 4806.

A word of advice – move fast if you are interested, as only two places on the team remain. 


Well you have seen it on the TV – how about doing it yourself?

We are taking a group of execs away in February next year for a true African Adventure - Trek to the Summit of Mount Kenya – a wind down with some white water rafting - followed by a climb of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. Worried about your lack of climbing experience? No problem – if Chris Moyles, Cheryl Cole and others can do it, so can you!
For more details email  

Is your team in need of a boost?
Have they been buffeted about by the recession and looking for a real energiser. Are they up for a challenge –– give us a call and let’s see if we can sort you out with a real team challenge over a couple of days complete with one of our ace team coaches to support you though out. The learning will be powerful and the fun immense. Expensive – you would be surprised – it could cost you a lot less than you think? . 


"I can honestly say that this was one of the best courses I have ever been on during my career in BT to date."
"I learned that the sky is the limit and that anyone can touch it with good planning, management, positive feedback, building up, exploring, accountability and the passion."