Fearless leaders for challenging times

Tough times demand leaders with courage to shape a new future for the business. We understand the pressures and demands facing those at the front and we offer you the tools to confidently lead your team into uncharted territory.

Identifying tomorrow's leaders

Identifying the individuals who will lead your business into the future is a tough call. Enlist us to help you and our rigorous diagnostic process hones in on the top talent for the job. If you have developed a tiger team with us, your future leaders will already be in it. Fast track their ability with our Leader programme.

Leader development programme

Our approach takes you beyond the theory into the realm of direct experience. For four intensive days away from the office you will encounter physical and intellectual challenges with the rigour to unlock abilities you probably aren't even aware you possess.

As part of a small team you will live alongside experts drawn from the worlds of expedition, sports psychology and business. The new ways of thinking and the practical skills you gain will reach far into your work...and your life.

  • Shape your personal leadership capabilities

  • Practical tools you can apply

  • Development tailored to your role

  • Minimal time away from the workplace

  • Executive coaching for ongoing professional growth


The results

You will emerge from our programme with new found ability to:

  • Push beyond your old boundaries

  • Focus and define your personal development plan

  • Be resilient in challenging conditions

  • Ensure your team is with you despite external pressures

  • Lead even those who do not directly report to you

  • Influence stakeholders



"The fear is always present. That - from my experience - is what keeps you alive. It is the capacity to live close to fear and uncertainty and not to be disabled that is key. This is what we develop in leaders and in teams."              

John Peck, CEO Tiger Teams

"For me it has been life changing in many ways. I think this course will help anyone to learn about leadership and it will definitely further develop wherever they may currently be."
                         Programme attendee