Unleash the talent and energy in your people and build courage and resilience into the DNA of your organisation. We create high performance teams to crack the issues that hold you back and to propel your business forward.

We draw from the fields of sports psychology, extreme adventure and business to offer you a rigorous, no-bull approach guaranteed to ignite your team and equip them to take on the market challenges.

You will be working with experts in their field who advise the British Olympic Teams and the military, have led expeditions into remote corners of the globe and who have triumphed where others failed - in and out of the boardroom.






  I laid down the gauntlet to John and his team to WOW me with results...
...and they did, tenfold

They delivered on their promise to take a group of senior individuals and transform them into a committed and connected team in just 2 days (and twice over)! It wasn't "fluffy" "patronising" or "JUST a good laugh" all of those words that senior execs are wary of) - it was a journey of discovery and a test of resilience

Senior L&D Consultant


"I'd like to thank you for the work you and your team have done for us this last fortnight. You delivered exactly what I was hoping for. I feel that we have moved the team forward a long way and that I do now have a group that wants to be led and wants to be part of a successful business (which has therefore achieved in 4 working days what we haven't really managed in the previous 9 months!).'

The work you did with us has proved to be transformational and we are busily working on keeping building momentum."


Develop Tiger Teams to
tackle the tough challenges

Develop Tiger Leaders
with courage


Leading Tigers Beyond:  Tiger leaders don't enjoy normal. They are the ones that hold up the rallying flag in times of difficulty. Are your leaders 'tiger leaders'? Why not send them to us for a top up of tiger energy....



Team Diagnostics: Are you happy that your team is performing to its full potential? Just like when we take our car in for an MOT or visit the GP for a check up, sometimes it is not a bad idea to get a check up...



Igniting Tiger Energy? How do you get a whole organisation fired up with a real zest for adventure about the place? A place where people are excited about waking up in the morning and going to work...



Is your team in need of a boost? Have they been buffeted about by the recession and looking for a real energiser. Are they up for a challenge...

"Thanks again for organising this team development event so well. Everything ran like clockwork and it more than exceeded expectations for all of us.
It has brought the team a lot closer together and highlighted key areas we all need to work on.
I thought you did an incredible job during the feedback session. You kept everyone engaged and focussed throughout the session.
I can already see an increase in energy and drive from everyone and it's only the first morning back!"

John Whalley 2020DM